My work is open source and people variously share with me that I am magic and a beast, that they are feeling 100% better, that they have been stalking me, and other unusual comments. I specialize in operating in economies of intangible value such as idea economies and social economies. I was conceived by two artists and lived most of my life in Santa Cruz, California. Live performance is my medium and I am currently engaged in a weekly public practice of “gathering and entertaining large outdoor crowds with BIG bubbles to put a smile on everyone’s face” as well as planning the Mahagenta (2024) installation of the cosmos in a blacked out Art League with Valeria Miranda and Joel Primack. For 30 years my medium was wearable bead sculpture—the topic of my three books and international workshops. Before returning to academia I birthed my child in 2013. University of California, Santa Cruz awarded me a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art (studio) and History of Art and Visual Culture (with honors) in 2018 along with many grants, awards, and fellowships. Five months into the 2020 pandemic I completed the University of California, Davis Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Art Studio. Davis has yet to execute a thesis exhibition for my 8-person cohort. In 2021 I apprenticed to Newton Harrison pitting billionaires against one another and assisting with the Helen and Newton Harrison: California Work, a 2024 Getty-funded retrospective. Since the apprenticeship I have primarily divested from the object and studio. Among a great many more, my practice is informed by Hito Steyrl’s poor image, Judy Dunaway’s balloons, Reverend Billy Talen’s pontifications, and T.J. Demos’ institutional critique. As I have most recently learned to shape audience perception, my next trick will be controlling the wind and your mind.