I am a post-studio visual artist exploring ephemerality, semiotics, and the technology race to the bottom of the brain stem.  


Positioning myself as a post-studio and post-disciplinary artist, I generate questions. I am in unequivocal opposition to tradition, Eurocentric, and gendered universality. Contained in this practice of questions, is regarding 1) what is normal and abnormal, 2) what is permanent and impermanent, and 3) what is known and not known as points on a curving line bending in a circumference of meaning. Potential answers are midpoints on the circumference of meaning in an infinite continuum.


The work I do is influenced by the mechanisms of structural formations in geometric balance such can be seen in an aerial view of the Borobudur temple in Magelang, Indonesia, Lucretius’ Atomism and unrest between matter and space, German artist Hito Steyerl’s research into obscured hierarchies at work in perspective and the poor image, gender-race-class intersectional identities and disparies, approaching certainties as uncertainties in the work of French philosopher Bruno Latour, and tensions outlined in Baudrillard’s formulations on hyperreality. 


My current research is centered on how the evolution of ancestral to contemporary human cognition parallels fire technology beginning approximately 400,000 years ago. In my practice I attempt to understand tensions between the visceral and the designed through IRL (In Real Life) and live streamed fire events. This cognition of the real strikes me as most urgent at this moment.


Orang Hutan is an artist working in California. Hutan is interested in the transience of meaning. In 2019, Hutan completed a B.A. from University of California, Santa Cruz in Studio Art studying under Beth Stephens, Laurie Palmer, and Dee Hibbert-Jones and a B.A. with honors in History of Art and Visual Culture while studying under Jennifer González and T.J. Demos. Orang Hutan published three books on beadwork as Rachel Nelson-Smith and taught internationally. She has exhibited in New York, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento, Indonesia and Vincenza, Italy.