I am interested in longing and denial and attempt understanding through collaborative performance. I address constructed and glossy notions of domestic and maternal bliss through enticing and prosaic materials in menacing scale. I engage capital transformed into disused collections of familiar objects and how those collections represent the Western girl-woman-crone experience, exemplifying internalized objectification and disabuse from autonomy. Through bromidic materials I engage the shifting interstice between what is ascribed to women and what is seen and what is known about them.


I was born to mobile people. My maternal Indo family emigrated from Indonesia in the 1950s—repatriated by Dutch Queen Wilhelmina—and ultimately arrived in the US and my itinerant Anglo-American paternal family joined Stephen Austin in settling Texas in the early 1800s. I was an independent, co-dependent raconteur and roustabout long enough to idealize settling down to “make” a “home.” Having a child in 2013 curtailed a multi-decade embroilment with beads and beadwork. I nursed her for 2.5 years and after asking “what’s next,” I became an academic artist in 2015. At University of California, Santa Cruz I completed a BA in Art (studio) and History of Art and Visual Culture with honors in 2018. I am currently a candidate to receive an MFA in Art Studio from University of California, Davis in Spring 2020.