I am a performance artist exploring ephemerality and perception at the intersection of art and science. I am interested first hand knowledge. I am interested in the proverbial box and defend the poor image. I am interested in what is normal, permanent, and known—and their less adored partners: the abnormal, impermanent, and not known.


I am an academic performance artist with an Art Studio B.A. and History of Art and Visual Culture B.A. (with honors) from the University of California (2018) and an Art Studio M.F.A. from the University of California, Davis (2020). For the whole of 2021 I performed as a live-in apprentice to a foundational eco-artist with whom I performed in the Art World and pit billionaires against one another. I have performed as a master beadweaver, publishing three books and teaching internationally. I have performed as a professional improvisation jazz vocalist. I am mentored by artists, arts professionals, academic performance artists, business developers, music professionals, bicycle professionals and enthusiasts, as well as dancers, clowns and other performers. With the practice of performing BIG bubble-making as the practical part of my research, I am planning a 2024 gallery installation of the cosmic web addressing the interstice between seeing and knowing.