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Diverticulum, 2018

Diverticulum #1

Intending to irritate, Diverticulum compares landfill waste stream function to human waste function.

\Installations are made of landfill objects which are returned to the landfill post-exhibition. The momentary exhibition seeks to irritate as does an inflamed colon pouch in the medical condition of diverticulitis.

Given access to the Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Center located on Dimeo Lane off Highway 1, north of Santa Cruz, I was overwhelmed with incongruities in the material flow. Paramount, was the amount of useable objects. Diverticulum #1 included some tires showing no observable marks of use, with some retaining labels for retail sale. Diverticulum #2 consisted of threaded objects including nuts and bolts also revealing no observable marks of use—some were in original retail packaging.

Diverticulum #2

Diverticulum #2

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