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Tuna Can Cabaret #4
20 April 2024


Tuna Can Cabaret #4 came to life for one night: a collection of performances. Santa Cruz Art Expressions gallery set on historic Pacific Avenue above Lulu Carpenter’s Cafe contains a beautifully lit stage where performers read your mind.

Santa Cruz Art Expressions is in Downtown Santa Cruz. Doors opened at 7 p.m. with an 8 p.m. performance. The event was free. 


Kelli Foss, live painting

Joya Winwood and RockSea, Puppet from the Pleides

Singing Frogs Presents (Bodyconference, Melinda Marks and Rachel Maryam Smith)

Maryam West Cliff Smith, poem and song

Rachel Maryam Smith


​Sergio Togliatti, Master of Ceremonies

Rob Cardy, sound

Sergio Togliatti, film

Marcello Hutchinson-Trujillo, film

Tom Ehrlich, photography

Dr. Qi - Thomas Ross, Door Manager

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