Sandwiches, 12 April – 10 October 2021

Many gather every Friday at the lighthouse on West Cliff to experience the magic of giant soap bubbles, including nonagenarian Gram Celene and her niece Arlene who can still drive a car down to two-year-old Vivian who reliably gravitates to the bus tub full of handmade bubble juice, sometimes falling back in awe of the prismatic soap films.


Smith makes gigantic soap bubbles with 10-foot-tall wands complete with handmade textile nets, creating a variety of bubbles depending on wind speed and humidity. These hour-long weekly performances featuring gigantic soap bubbles occur during the golden hour, beginning approximately one hour before sunset. The spectral colors present in the bubbles can be viewed more readily with the indirect light. 

The regular pop up performances happen on the large grass field at the lighthouse on West Cliff Drive overlooking Steamer Lane where Smith has done public performances of this kind since 2015. With the primary aim of spreading joy, the project also encourages community-building and works to expand the definition of art and performance. Returning to Santa Cruz in December 2020 from graduate school, Smith saw an opportunity to bring joy to the community despite the weight of the pandemic. Every Friday since the end of February 2021 Smith has executed weekly installments of this public art project Sunset Bubbles.